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All players are asked to follow our set of rules.
Depending on the violation players can be punished with the deletion of their structures/animals or a (temporary) suspension.
In moderately severe cases we will also issue a warning. Players with two warnings will be permanently banned from our project.


  • Raiding and griefing is forbidden. Play on the PvP servers for this!

- This includes drowning or capturing other players and locking in structures - like vaults - when the decay timer is passing low

Bases and building

  • Blocking bases is forbidden.
  • Each tribe can have a maximum of 3 bases per server.
  • Random pillars and foundations are forbidden.
  • Clean up your tamings pens and traps after you are done.
  • Griffin and Wyvern taming pens are allowed but have to be unlocked.

- Unauthorized buildings and traps may be removed without warning.


  • Claiming drops of any kind is forbidden.
  • Claiming plant Z's on Aberration is forbidden.
  • Claiming charging stations on Aberration is forbidden.
  • Claiming city terminals on Extinction is forbidden.