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It’s very important to us to provide the best possible game experience to all our players. Because of this we are using the best available hardware to host our ARK: Survival Evolved gameservers. We are running a maximum of 5 gameservers per machine. We run on enterprise grade xeons like our Intel Xeon E5-2695 V3 With ECC Protected DDR4 Ram for maximum stability.

DDos Protection

Gameservers are often targeted by so-called DDoS attacks. This is done by sending a large amount of data to bring the gameservers to lag or even crash. Therefore we are using ARK: Suvival Evolved optimized game DDoS protection layers to filter bad data.


We are offering 24/7 support for all our players on Aurora gameservers. You can use different ways to get help: You can use our discord server to get in direct contact with a supporter or server admin. Often the discord server is the better way to get in contact with us.


Aurora’s gameservers have been available since september 2015 (before Xovos Survival). We are proud to have built up a large and active ARK: Survival Evolved community with several successful gameservers that have been online for more than 4 years. We will continue to work to provide you – our community – the best possible game experience to make you happy!