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All players are asked to follow our set of rules.
Depending on the violation players can be punished with the deletion of their structures/animals or a (temporary) suspension.
In moderately severe cases we will also issue a warning. Players with two warnings will be permanently banned from our project.


  • Capturing players while raiding is allowed. the raid is over 90 minutes nothing happens.
  • Raiding, griefing (tame sniping) and attacking new players and tribes is forbidden.
  • Raiding a player or tribe puts you on a 72 hour (3 day) attack cooldown towards that tribe.
  • Keeping players and tribes small is forbidden. Raiding the same tribe 3 times puts you on a 15 day attack cooldown towards that tribe.
  • When breaking an alliance, you have to inform the other tribe. You are also put on a 24 hour attack cooldown, which starts when the other tribe has been informed.
  • Titans cannot be used for raids. This includes the Titanosaur
  • The "SS Shield Generator" cannot be placed or activated during raids. They have to be placed before the raid starts. This applies to both attackers and defenders.
  • The operator/rider of any movable thing that can be built upon and the thing itself cannot be walled off or protected with shield generators.
  • Dino's can't not be walled or boxed in but they can be blocked off from the top.
  • Any kind of meshraiding is forbidden (against ark rules, perm ban no unban possible).
  • Insiding is forbidden, everyone (the insider and if we speak about an inside raid the raiders will get banned as well) will get a perm ban, no unban possible.
  • Griefing is allowed and counts as open world pvp. You have wait 24 hours before you are allowed to grief/raid again.
  • The grief is without a fob, you are allowed to place battery turrets with same number of players at the grief. If there is a tek gen it is a fob and it will count as a raid attempt.
  • A FOB is a shorter name for "Forward Operation Base". As soon as turrets are powered by a generator, a tek shield or around 20 foundations spam at the structure build for raiding can be found, it will count as a fob.
  • Any kind of destruction/grief using mesh is forbidden.
  • The moment a tower get damaged or turrets from a wall destroyed it will count as a raid.
  • You are allowed to destroy pushed up turrets and some spam at a grief and it won't as a raid attempt.
  • When a raid is over remove your fob if you won't take the raided spot.
  • Popcorning is not allowed. (Popcorn stands for dropping items and resources to make them despawn) (5 day ban)
  • You are always allowed to defend yourself.

- If you are on attack cooldown against another tribe, you cannot perform any aggressive negative action against that tribe.
- "Negative actions" include, but are not limited to: raiding, griefing and attacking. Going to a base for some pvp is allowed.
- "Movable things" include, but are not limited to: any dino and titan with a platform, skiff, raft, motorboat


  • You are allowed to build in artifact caves but there are some exceptions. These exceptions are: lava golem (Ragnarok), ice worm (Ragnarok), Titan caves (Extinction). Also not allowed to build in caves on genesis that are located in mission area.
  • Hiding vital structures and dinos completely under the mesh is forbidden.
  • Shield generator spam is prohibited. Shields cannot touch each other.
  • Bases that can only be reached with a chair or by mounting/dismounting dinos is forbidden.
  • Mesh turrets are forbidden, make sure your turrets do not shoot through the mesh! This is your own responsibility.
  • Meshing or living in the mesh will result into a permanent ban.
  • Don't place turrets in front of a base or somewhere on the map for no reason. If you feel safe when farming with turrets, that's alright but remember PICK them up.
  • Don't spam foundation for no reason.
  • Each tribe can have a maximum of 10 bases on the cluster.

"Vital structures" include, but are not limited to: turrets, generators, any form of storage container and structures that give structural support but aren't destroyed by destroying structures outside of the mesh


  • Gigas and Titans cannot be used for closed boss arenas
  • Any kind of duping is forbidden
  • Any kind of cheating, glitching or usage of unfair third party tools is forbidden
  • Any kind of exploitation of unintended game mechanics is forbidden
  • Trash talking is allowed, but don’t go to far. Admins will draw the line.
  • If the server crashes take a screenshot so you have proof what was in your inventory so the staff sees you have proof of it. No proof = no refund! Lying = no refund.
  • It is a player’s responsibility to know the rules, if you didn't know them there is a message every time you join the server and a message in chat.
  • 3 warnings and you are out; Staff will keep track from now on.
  • Tribes have a limit of 6 man.
  • Have the same tribe-name on every server.
  • You have to let everyone in a tribe know when you join another tribe on another server. If not, this will count as insiding.
  • Don’t impersonate somebody.
  • Try to limit raids to 1 every 3 days.
  • Respect the ark code of conduct.
  • INI-files are NOT allowed (this will be a perm ban).